IMG_0654This is a personal blog, a collection of ramblings, rants, stories and insights from a life that despite all my concerted efforts, continues to be confusing, bizarre and often filled with drama.

I chose ‘Well, That’s Unfortunate’ as my title and URL for this blog as I feel it captures my style…. sarcastic, humorous, but misunderstood… because for so long, I used ‘that’s unfortunate’ as a genuine statement when things went wrong but I wasn’t sure what to say, not in a sarcastic manner.

My downfall here, aside from not realising that it had become a viral saying, is the fact that a lot of my humour is sarcastic and dark, so I can’t really blame people for having taken it that way!

Anywho… WTU is just about indulging my passion for writing, and combining that with the bizarre stories and rants that are bubbling up inside of me all of the time.

You’ve been warned!