You do you, I’ll do me: a rant

Really, while this was written with a specific diet regime for managing a health issue in mind, I think the same thinking can be applied to most personal choices – just live and let live people, if it isn’t hurting anyone, just let people be.



You can’t eat X, but then WHY can you have Z?

I thought you said (insert random food here) makes you sick?

Isn’t (insert other random food here) the same?

How come you can have that?

Are you just following a trend?

Can’t you eat anything?

You seem to be making this up as you go along.


No, I’m not.

I have IBS.

It is complicated.



At times, confidence-destroying.

It is managed through diet.

A diet tailored to each single person who is on it.

It has called me to spend many months testing and learning.

It has seen me consult with doctors and dieticians.

It has driven me to lean on support groups.

It has led me to pour over documentation from research teams.

It has resulted in me sitting on my kitchen floor, balling my eyes out in frustration.

It has caused my stomach…

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