DEAR WORLD: I honestly just cant be F#%KED right now, sorry!

Does anyone else have those days where you really, truly, just can’t be fucked!?

And I don’t mean can’t be fucked in the sexy times way.

What I am talking about is feeling like you just cannot be bothered doing anything, talking to anyone, and yeah I guess, no sexy times either!

I know I certainly do, and at the moment I am in a week of can’t be fucked-ness that is really starting to be a royal pain in the arse.

You see, I am self-employed.

Therefore, while I may feel like this, I can’t indulge it and celebrate it and be a totally can’t-be-fucked queen right now.

Instead, I must continue on doing things.

Work must be done.

Clients must be appeased.

The yearly tax report (otherwise known as the hell bringer of drudgery and destruction of that illusion I cling on to of having free time) must be done (blergh).

Even if all I want to do is create a cocoon in my bed and stay there forever and binge-watch House.

Just me and my cats and my dog.

You and all you others in the world can go on and do things.

You and all your crazy things, like jumping out of planes, overseeing huge corporate mergers, going outside to the grocery shop because you need milk.

You can keep all of that – especially the grocery shop. Fuck that place.

We will just stay here, thank you very much.

Maybe we can try again next week.

Peace Out.

Sincerely, the girl in the cocoon giving zero fucks right now (yet who will also press on with work and being a awesome mofo conquering the world like a queen should inside her cocoon, because she has bills to pay, FFS)